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Who do you work with?

Our Clients have been local governments including cities, counties, public schools, and school districts. We have also worked with nonprofit foundations having specific tax exemption status, and charter schools. We do not work outside of the USA or with individuals or businesses legally structured for profit.

What kind of grants do you work with?

We work with private and public grants. We do not work with corporate grants, endowments, or provide fundraising event services. We do focus on construction projects and capital improvement. The larger the grant request, the greater the effort to win it. It can be exhausting, fruitless endeavor for anyone unfamiliar with approaching grants from the construction perspective.

Is there a fee for a grant application?

Yes, it is similar to an accountant who charges regardless of your tax situation or a lawyer that charges regardless of how a case unfolds. 

How long does it take to get a grant?

It can range from one month to three years or even more! An estimate can be provided in your complimentary discovery call so fill out this form and we will schedule your call!

What does a grant pay for?

In general, grants can pay for anything but debt and lobbying. However, we focus on grants that fund construction of campus buildings, community centers, efforts to keep farmland in cultivation, programs exposing youth to agriculture and the full circle of how food gets onto their plates, youth athletic programs, and infrastructure.

Do we need to meet to work together?

No. In today’s age of the internet there is no need to travel, saving you time and money. We offer video conferencing. We host webinars to present a work product. We share screens to review documents together and we can fax documents when needed. We also collect signatures electronically. Once you are a client you will have password protected access to your files. 

Where do we start?

Fill out this form to get started!