Here is a little about how we work.

Thank you for your interest in discovering how we can help your organization win grants to expand your service to your community. It is what we do. We are approaching $30 million won as of 2018. Our success rate would be 100% if it weren't for that one project that the citizens of the community worked so hard to stop. So, now we ask you to be aware of whether your project has your community's support.

We are a very small business  specializing in writing and managing grants that fund construction of a variety of buildings for schools, local govermnets, and communities. While all ideas are good, we know what works and what doesn't. We shoot pies out of the sky so we aren't going to waste anyone's time with false hope.

First, let's find out if your  project concept is eligible to apply for construction grants. Start with this form.

Next, let's have a call. If the form provides the detail requested, we will be able to explain your potential grant estimate, structure size, timeline, commitments, and our fee to lead you through the entire process.

Our Consulting Fees. 

Like an accountant and a lawyer, we charge a fee regardless of the outcome. We do not enter into partnerships where our fee is payable upon grant award. Our fees are reimbursable by the grant when it is awarded - with rare exception. You will know upfront.


Initially, we correspond with new inquiries by email only. Phone time is so limited it must be available to contracted projects in the funding pipeline - that's where we want you to be! Focus is even more protected; work is done when phones are silenced. We work best with scheduled phone calls and email correspondence. Please be sure our domain is on your safe list. 

Social Media. 

We don't do it. We tried. It's just not for us. Actually, we don't participate in any marketing though a Linked In profile was recently created.