Real Grant Solutions
Real Grant Solutions

Specializing in construction grant funding, we can take your project from  concept to concrete.


Specializing in construction grant funding, we can take your project from  concept to concrete.

About Us

Real Grant Solutions is a small, woman owned business specializing in all steps  involved in securing grants. This includes researching to define realistic potential grant resources, developing complete applications that move quickly through the  process, and finally, administration or management of the grant award. Every step along the way must be done exactly right so that there is no loss of funding. Mistakes can be costly and dollars can be directed to other projects. Don't let that happen, call today! 


Who do you work with?

 Our clients have been cities, counties, public schools, and school districts. We have also worked with nonprofit foundations having a specific tax exemption status, and charter schools. We do not work outside of the USA or with individuals or businesses legally structured for profit.  

What kind of grants do you work with?

 We work with private and public grants. We do not work with corporate grants, endowments, or provide fundraising event services. We do focus on funding for construction projects and capital campaigns. Such grant proposals can range from $50,000 to $3,500,000 each. The larger the grant request, the greater the effort to win it.  It can be an exhausting, fruitless endeavor for anyone unfamiliar with approaching grants from the construction perspective.  

What are options for contracting you?

In our ten years of contracting we only offered two options: one-time fee upfront or bill monthly for work done. Since then, we have learned to listen to the client. We now offer several distinct grant related services from which a client can choose one, some, all, or even customize it to suit your needs. We listen to the client, what the project needs our assistance with, and we craft options to suit your needs.

Is there a fee for a grant application?

 Yes. It is similar to an accountant who charges regardless of your tax situation or a lawyer that charges regardless of how a case unfolds. We are constantly approached by groups with incredible project ideas that request our services for no fee upfront. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate these requests to provide services contingent upon award.

Understand that all grants are designed to allow the applicant to work with the agency or grant maker directly; a consultant is not required in order to apply. However, an experienced consultant will know the ins and outs and what the limits are where they can be pushed and where they cannot. Some funding programs are first come first serve so having a complete application to submit to the process could allow yours to pass up the do-it-yourselfers who are kicked out of the waiting line or end up not scoring and not winning.

How long does it take to get a grant?


It can range from one month to three years or even more! It depends on so many things. This is one of the many variables that are defined when we are hired to produce grant research results which includes an overall grant strategy. To open the discussion and find out which service may be most useful to your project, lease complete the online form in as much detail as possible so that we can have information that you can use on our initial and complimentary call. 

There is no cost to you for this initial service but it can take a few business days to prepare useful information for you.

What does a grant pay for?

 In general, grants can pay for anything but debt and lobbying. However, we focus on grants that fund construction of buildings and the furniture, fixtures, and equipment to fill them. Again, we encourage you to complete the form  so that we can better estimate what your options might be.  

Do we need to meet to work?

 No. In today’s age of the internet there is no need to travel which saves time and money. We are glad to travel and there are instances when it may behoove a project to have meetings in person but that is known far in advance. 

What is the best way to contact you?

 We are a (very!) small business and it works best for us to schedule a call. Emails are welcome and answered within one business day. We may be late to the party but we are now working to build a presence on Facebook and Linked In so those options will soon be available for communicating as well 

Where do we start?

 The place to start it here to enter your contact information, questions, and answers to our few short questions. This form is the minimum information needed to conduct preliminary research. Once this form is complete, we reach out to schedule a complimentary initial consultation to let you know what options we see as possible. If it is obvious that there are no options at all, we let you know immediately and the focus will be what you need to get into place in order to be grant ready. 


Please reach out at your convenience so we can discuss your project.  

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 Call: 361.589.8455